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Need HELP from you SCD experts!!!

Lady Organic

Staff member
Hi everyone,

Its been over 3 years I diet seriously, but according to other principles than the SCD. I want to try the SCD now. In february, I did a 3 weeks course of elemental diet to fight IBD Arthritis, but inside there was starch (which is in most EEN) fallowed by a complete fast of 7 days (colon had not completly emptied and was prolly still filled with starch from EEN). Results were not enthousiastic. I think in my journey to fight this residual IBD arthritis, the only thing I have not tried is SCD, free of starch, and grains and legumes. Even the VSL-3 probiotic I am taking contains starch, so i will stop it.

I have come to this point for a second important reason as well. Since over 4 months, I have chronic mild hemmorhoid that wont leave even though I tried the strongest enema prescribed by my GI. Its a chance its only hemm, because at first my GP was sure I had an abscess which scared the hell out of me for a while. I took antibiotics waiting for my GI to come back from vacation :-( . after, MRI and rectoscopy, only small hemm were seen. Something I have never experienced before :shifty:

I am starting to think that because of my mostly vegan diet and the fact that I emphasized a lot on raw veggies and fiber since a few months, my bowel movements have become a bit too much, like 3 or 4 times a day, sometimes almost D and recently even some cramps. I realize this doesnt help for the Hemm and could be related or causing it. Im taking note in a journal of all my symptoms because of course I am aware a CD relapse is not impossible.

In order to reduce my BMs, help for my hemmorhoid I thought of trying the SCD diet and thought it could help as well for my residual arthritis, we'll see.

I have started since yesterday only eating boiled Macquarel fish and raw soaked cashew nuts all very low in fiber to reduce my BMs. along with Highly mineralized water (Gerolsteiner) which is very alkaline to try to maintain a good PH balance during this first phase with only proteins. For the reduction of BMs its already mission accomplished! Only one today, pretty firm and different, very late at night as opposed to almost emergency waking up before :ybiggrin: I intend to eat that for a few days and then introduce some fruit and vegetable extracted juices.

My main question is regarding the YOGHURT. I dont want to consume any dairies, its out of question for me. But I want badly to take probiotics. Is there a way to prepare that probiotic Yoghurt without milk? With nuts, nut milk (I have a Vitamix to make my own milk) or something? what do people with milk allergy do? I can buy the machine, what else do I need to buy? lactic starters? how can i do this yoghurt? If i could have this yoghurt instead of the VSL-3 or Bio-k I'll be extremly happy to prepare it myself.:ybiggrin:

thanks for the reply and for reading this long post!!!
hi, I am not on the SCD but had been on it in the past and learned so much from it. There are non dairy alternatives,
here is a link http://www.giprohealth.com/giprostart.aspx

Here is the recipe page for using almond milk

I am pretty sure you can use coconut milk too but honey would be needed to feed the good bacteria from what i have read.
*Look into local raw honey, see if it might be a good choice.

if you search there should be organic starters as well ;)

Yogurt makers are a personal preference, many like the oven method since it can become fairly easy once learned.

hope this helps a little.

Lady Organic

Staff member
thank you so much! I checked the receipe.

ok I tried to find some starters in my neiborhood. I called a organic raw vegan restaurant and they got them. The lady will explain to me the basic principles at the restaurant, they are used to doing it dairy free. They sell the brand :


So i'll pick them up later or tomorrow. I think Im going to get the machine as it seems really not expensive, like 40$ or so?

(((((((((((((((( How can we know if we succeed our yoghurt with 750 billion of bacteria??? ))))))))))))))))))))))

Im so excited with this project, hummm yoghurt with blueberry extracted juice inside, wow, its been such a while I have gotten yoghurt!!!!:hippy:

as for honey, I rarely eat sugar anymore and when I do I only get raw honey, maple sirup (unreffined natural juice from maple three) or Succanat (raw dehydrated cane juice). I'll use honey in my recipe, hummmmmmmmm! salivating already!

Lady Organic

Staff member
Im bummed, the Culturefromnature starter contain rice maltodextrine :yrolleyes::yrolleyes:

Is there any other brand aside from GI prohealth or everyone buys this brand?
"Some yoghurt that we use as a starter can contain sucrose, cream and lactose however these are consumed in the 24hr fermentation."

"The following commercial yoghurts are only to be used as starters on SCD™and are not legal otherwise ........"

"Many people, especially children cannot tolerate the casein that is in cows milk. However after some healing has taken place on the SCD™ many find that they are no longer sensitive to it. Goats milk casein is very different and those with a sensitivity to cows milk often find that it agrees with them."


There are many other probiotics, kefir, water kefir, sauerkraut ect and dairy free is easy to do, ask google

Coming from a vegan approach to SCD can be confusing as many things are looked at differently.
Cooked food is considered easier to digest for a start.

I would reconsider your approach to colonics and enemas, It is more likely that you have inflammation and irritation so 'strong' (or any) enemas will aggravate and inflame. I know that it is easy to think that flushing everything out will help but it generally doesn't,

Lastly SCD changes many things so it is unclear if all of the diet is working or only one or two things were required. It also allows many things that may be problematic to a damaged intestine (dairy, eggs, nuts, etc).
Being a very-low-carb diet it may not suit everyone and may even be harmful if followed for long periods (some thrive on VLC, others suffer).
Paleo AI and Perfect Health Diet allow 'safe' carbs and are therefore easier to follow and cheaper.
Read up on other variations (GAPS,Paleo AI, Perfect health diet[1]), and the FODMAPS diet[2] and work out what works for you.

[1] paleo AI protocol


Perfect Health Diet
http://perfecthealthdiet.com/2010/07/ulcerative-colitis-a-devastating-gut-disease/ (first of 4 - well worth reading)

great podcast - http://scdlifestyle.com/2012/09/dr-...rt-and-science-of-the-fodmap-diet-podcast-45/
Is there an intro diet to paleo AI?

What do you follow Hugh?

I am beginning to think that SCD and similar diets don't suit me. I think I can't handle veggies. Maybe I need to look at a low residue diet.
Is there an intro diet to paleo AI?
Google knows all.......
This one lays it out pretty well, 6-8 weeks with a long list of foods, then reintroduction of other foods if you choose to. ( the list is enough to live well on forever)

"Common Mistakes on AIP
There are 2 common mistakes that people make on AIP (and also on a normal Paleo diet!):
-Thinking You Only Need to Change Your Diet And Nothing Else.
- Eating Allowed Foods that You’re Sensitive To."


What do you follow Hugh?
I eat "Perfect Health Diet" but am thinking about doing Paleo AI for a 'reboot'

I am beginning to think that SCD and similar diets don't suit me. I think I can't handle veggies. Maybe I need to look at a low residue diet.
introducing the Low-residue fodmaps paleo diet????/?
Play around - make a list of what you can eat and what is paleo, and see how much overlap there is.
Stay away from gluten but eatv paleo tubers (and white rice if tolerated)
Only eat REAL FOOD
Is there an intro diet (AI Paleo).
I know I read an intro somewhere a year ago or so but it has disappeared from the web.
I think it was the paleomom site but now that she has a book she has less info on the webpage. From memory (and it makes alot of sense) it was almost identical to the Scd/Gaps intro diets, but using paleo ai foods instead of nuts and eggs.
The same concept of stripping down to a bare healing minimum and adding things back one at a time to chezck that they are tolerated.