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Need help re MRI freaking out

Hi had an MRI of small bowel THREE MONTHS AGO due to ongoing back pain at night.

Crohn's symptoms been fine.

Report only just came back. I did ask the nurse about cancer as the term suspicious freaked me out but she didn't seem concerned. Is anyone able to explain the below as no one from the IBD team is getting back to me:

Conclusion: A suspicious non-dominant focal stricture at the enterocolic anastomosis. No evidence of any active
disease at the anastomosis or within the neoterminal ileum/colon.

It's the term suspicious that's freaking me out. My back and night symptoms have been going on for months now and I am beyond terrified.


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They were evaluating you for back pain and as a follow-up to your Crohn's surgery, right? In which case I would interpret the term "suspicious" to be in reference to a possible recurrence of Crohn's inflammation and a stricture near the point where the two ends of the gut were sewn back together - which is the most common site for Crohn's recurrence after surgery.

There is no reference to any cancer in this report - unless it is mentioned in some other not-quoted sentence in the report. But based on what you have copied here, I wouldn't be sweating about cancer.


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I wouldn't worry too much, if the images and or biopsies detected something cancerous the doctor would have contacted you much earlier. When I get a scan or scope done, I feel that its good news when there is no news, in this case no urgent early calls from the doctor after the procedures are done.