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Need help with my mum

need help with my mum

hi there.
I need some advice to give to my mum as she isnt having too good a time with the crohns

Shes been diagnosed for over 30 years now, and has had surgery when she was first diagnosed, and since then has been on codeine phosphate. She had a flare up about 4 years ago, when the docs said that she should have more surgery, but they didnt because they thought it could make things worse in the long run, so she was put on a liquid diet and gradually went back onto solids.

For the past few months she has been having bad mornings where she cant go to the toilet sucessfully. She wont go to the doctors to get it seem to, and hates it when she has to take another medication for something else - such as when she did her back in, or needs to rub in deep heat, as she thinks that it bungs her up.

She does smoke, but of course wont give up, eats a fair amount of chocolate and sweets during the day, but finds it hard to cut down. She doesnt do enough exercise in my book, and hates any change in her routine, as she will always get up at 6:30, eat breakfast,eat lunch and dinner at a certain time. She isnt very keen on fruit and veg, and when she does eat them she will only have a very small portion.

Im just getting really worried that she is making her condition worse, and wish she would listen to me in trying to help herself.

Can anyone suggest anything that might help.

PS - can people please look at my donation page at http://www.justgiving.com/kskitt for Crohn's In Childhood Research Association and possibly make a donation. Im going to also be holding a raffle with prizes donated from local companies.
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That's a tough one, how to help someone who essentially doesn't appear to want help.

I knew someone that had crohn's and just didn't want to listen to the GI about anything. She was constantly out of work and in and out of the hospital due to all of her problems and her lack of listening.

The only angle that comes to mind is reasoning with her on what she hates most.. Having the big D? And if she doesn't want more meds, then she needs to eat right and eat foods that won't give her issues as eating wrong is the equivalent of pouring salt in a wound.

Exercise and strengthening the stomach and back muscles I've seen help with future back problems, but you don't see the benefits unless something doesn't happen (like hurt your back).

- Ken