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Need help with ouchy peeing!

:( Hello everyone--I need your expert advice! I am now 3 weeks postop abdominoperineal resection/ovary excision. Blossom seems to be doing really fabulous--even shrinking a bit--and soooo far I've only had one leak. So those of you that have had this surgery (or any other bowel surgery for that matter)--do you remember it hurting to pee? Wow--I noticed this in the hospital, but thought it was just part of the game. I saw my Dr. yesterday and he did a UA---no infection. I do not have scanty urine--I go a normal amount and normal number of times per day. It hurts when I'm almost done peeing right in the low center of my pelvic region. It does not burn to pee. It only hurts when I'm almost done with my pee stream--then will be uncomfortable for about 15 minutes or so afterwards. Dr. did give me 3 days of pyriduim--which turns pee and poop neon orange! That medicine does help with the pain somewhat. I really hope this will go away--the last thing I need is bladder problems. I wanna cry (okay I did earlier--but now I'm sucking it up and goin on!). I'm still glad that I had surgery--it's so wonderful to eat and be pain free! I'm still a bit scared of Blossom--but I gotta give it more time! But the bladder thing is discouraging. Thanks everyone! I know that I am quite "chatty." :ybatty: Dana
Could it be that, to get that last little bit of pee out, you are using a muscle or something else that is still recovering from the surgery? :confused:

Just a stab in the dark :)


Ouch! Hope you find out what's causing it and it's nothing serious!

Glad to hear everything else is going well, though.

- Amy
Hey Snap, sorry to hear about the ouchies :-( Did you have a catheter in after the op? I know some people hurt for a wee while after it's been removed.


I was thinking that it was maybe something to do with your incision as well. I just remember being sore in that area till my incision was healed up. Just a thought...
When they took my catheter out, I couldn't pee at all. I could pee only if I was crouched/almost standing up. And i remember it hurt. The diuretics helped a little bit, but I remember being sore when I peed. Like you, I didn't have a UTI which is what they tested me for.

The theory at the time was that it might have just been my bladder trying to adjust to not having the inflamed bowel pressing against it, and was trying to 'recode' or 're-read' the signs of peeing. I think they wondered first if there was a fistula near my bladder, but that wasn't it, either. Sorry for rambling: the gist of it is that after about 5-6 weeks, my bladder just sorted itself out on its own and I've not had a problem since.

Keep an eye on it. It's early days yet, but if it continues, you might want to talk to the doctor again.

And yep, it took me a while to warm up to the stoma...even though i was supremely grateful for it, I treated it like a pimple from Neptune.

Stay well,

Hi Dana,

I had quite a few issues peeing post operatively after both my colectomy and proctectomy. Such a big op down there is bound to disturb a few things. I can't remember if you have had your rectum removed as well but if you have there are many nerves in that area that get disturbed do with with urinary issues and also with no rectum there the bladder can also tilt backwards somewhat and not feel the same. I remember it hurting to pee for some time (after both my ops). After a time they did go.

I still get twinges now and again, but that's usually when I haven't stuck to working out in the week or when I put weight on. I have no real idea why this happens. Doc says things are never quite the same down there after such big ops. He is right, but things do get better from my experience. Things are still so so early for you 3 weeks post op.

I'd give things time and see where you are in 1-2 months.

Gav :)


Snap! I hope you feel better soon. My word though, your body has been through it, and the fact that you're having pain peeing is not a surprise!

I did also have the same problem, however I had a UTI. Not found until a few weeks after I got home though. But since they've tested you...Gosh if it still continues by Monday, I would think you should be checked again.


Super Moderator
I'm not sure but I wonder if it is a settling after surgery??

As others have said...give a little longer yet and if it persists then see about it.

When the bladder is full the muscles are relaxed but when you pee they contract. You have had extensive surgery and I wonder if the bladder is still recovering from that, it may a little battered and bruised. I don't think it would be Interstitial Cystitis because you don't have pain when your bladder is full but I'm sure there are sufferers of IC that don't have the classic symptoms, might just be something to keep in mind if it does go on.

Good luck!

Dusty. :heart:
I too had bladder pain after my surgeries. I think all that moving things around could be affecting it. But of course you need to keep your Doc informed. I still have a rectum left in me that presses on my bladder sometimes and I can't empty all the way. Its such a nuisance because I feel like I have to go all day long. Anyway.... as your recovery continues things will get better for you.
I dont know all the details of your situation, but when I get a bladder infection I take D-mannose and it knocks it out in 1-2 days. It can also be used for prevention.