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Need help with research!!! Can you help me find more info online?

So I have Crohns since 1985 and now strictures. I was advised to have surgery a couple of times. Last GI doctor said he thought I would be able to have resection. Surgeon disagreed. She said it is because I would need to hvae my rectum removed. She said there was a lot of narrowing. So I have put off and put off and now I am beginning to have pain. She agreed to do a sigmoid in the office and look again but I know she is going to want to go for full illeostomy. Everyone wants to play it safe! I know a bag isn't the worst thing in the world but if I can avoid one I want to know I've done everything in my power to research options I found some info on a new procedure called:

Anterior Perineal Plane for ultra-low Anterior Resection

It makes a pouch. This, I do not believe is same as Jpouch. It seems that this is able to reverse an ilesostomy. I just want to know if if can find a doctor in New England area (Boston is where I live). If not - maybe even out of state. I just want to consult and satisfy my own need to know for sure I have done what I can. I just can't seem to find a lot on the internet. I will be calling my surgeon tomorrow but I have a feeling if she doesn't do it...she is going to sort of dismiss me. Anyone know of where this is being performed in the United States? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


That is amazing I never heard of it. My only question though is if they would perform an operation like this on a crohns patient? With UC they can try for a J-Pouch but they seldom do with crohns patients because of the high risk of developing pouchitis. It seems the risk of inflammation of the rectal pouch is a concern here too.