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Need immediate advice on methotrexate

i got diagonised with crohns in 2010 when i was on 17 put on azoran. i only had few flares during the first 6 yrs .Suddenly my cbc count goes decreasing. Dr stopped the azoran and waited for count to increase meanwhile he put me on Pentasa..when the cbc counts went normal ..again azoran started with smaller doses.25mg alternative days.As my counts were normal. I was put on 50mg daily.at this time count again goes on decreasing the Dr stopped azoran .He says azoran side effect is count decreasing..my count is wbc (2.14) He is going to put me on Methotexate ..i am unaware about this drug.
1- is it working?
2- how long it takes to work?
4-side effects?
Pls help me..