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Need some advice please

Does anyone get a "flushed "look on your face? I have been getting really red on my cheecks, left arm and chest that feels hot. I currently am on B -12 shots once a month, remicade every 8 weeks. 65 Mg of iron twice a day, caltrate 600 twice a day, 50 Mg savella twice a day, 20 Mg prilosec once a day, 10 Mg clariton once a day, 50 Mg metoprolol twice a day and 5 Mg besylate once a day. Any suggestions? I am seeing my gastro Dr on 10/8 about this and my joint pain. The "flushing " looks and feels like a sunburn but comes and goes. :sign0085:
does it itch or swell any? does it seem to happen after a certain med or food you eat? it could be some type of allergic reaction.
I get that look, but it is because I am on prednisone. My face is a little puffy and gets flushed and red a lot.
Does anyone get a "flushed "look on your face? I have been getting really red on my cheecks :sign0085:
ddevanie, that has been happening to me for as long as I can remember. Even in the winter time people sometimes ask me if I was out in the sun or on vacation.

It also comes and goes with me too and Sometimes it's more pronounced than others.

I haven't been able to correlate its appearance with anything specific trigger.

Sometimes, I can feel it burn but at its worst it's only slightly annoying but for the most part, I am usually unaware of it until someone else mentions it to me.

Have you noticed any other unusual symptoms? Even anything unrelated?

I have UC that was diagnosed in the 90's, a-fib and elevated CK enzymes.


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It can last anywhere from a hour to several hours and I don't have any other unusual symptoms except for the joint pain and it happens even when I am not on prednisone. Hopefully I will get answers on the 8th. Thanks for the support it is nice to know others get this too. It can be a little embarrassing when it happens at work and people keep asking if you are sick.