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Need some advice

Hi I am new on this website. I would like request if anyone would know of a good naturopathic doctor to see in the UK. I have crohns colitis (in the large bowel). I have had for 10 years and feel so drained and exhausted. I have not taken meds as am petrified of taking. My mental health is not the greatest. I am hoping somebody will be able to point me in the right direction. I really want to look at more natural approach than medication. I have recently been to the NHS hospital but they are really not interested in any other method other than trying allopathic medication. I would really be interested in whether there is a medically trained doctor who would also advise on diet and naturopathic method approach to help me. Thank you in advance

my little penguin

Staff member
One method that does not involve meds
Is exclusive enteral nutrition (een - formula only ) no solid foods
Convention gi prescribe it all the time for children
It’s as effective as steriods in reducing inflammation

longer term some have had success with scd
Or crohns exclusive diet which is a combo of certain foods and formula
Mainstream docs in the US are using this as well