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Need some help... Had this for 2 years now.

Hi all!. 50 yr old female.

About 2 yrs ago(and still today) started having the feeling of constantly needing to go to the bathroom. Constant pressure, Going several days where I am feeling like I have to go but nothing comes, Just pressure.....to several days going 4 times a day with a very soft stool and a very stingy and burning rear end. Lots of gas flatulence all the time. It feels like a nauseated, gassy, pressure filled upset stomach BUT in my rear end.

Diet does not seem to make a difference and dont really have an upset stomach or any bleeding. ..I still have an appetite, but its so UNCOMFORTABLE and drives me nuts, its hard to function sometimes.

Went to a gastrologist 2 yrs ago...had a colonoscopy( said Internal hemoroids) Nothing else, I was floored they did not find anything> Had a scan of rght sight of abdomen where I was having some slight pain, said I have slight fatty Liver but it would not cause my problem. she said I had Chronic constipation(Which is only partly true), gave me stool relaxers. eat more fiber etc. Not working.

Im still having this issue and its driving me nuts, Does anybody have any idea?? Could it be CD or IBS?/ Any tests I could ask for? ANY help would be so apprecitated!


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Have you been to a doctor since the initial visit 2 years ago? If not, what I would recommend is seeing one again, and you should ask at least about the following;

Bloodwork - if you haven't had any done lately, you probably should to at least get baseline levels
Stool sample - to check for blood, inflammation etc.
Status of the hemorrhoids - have they gotten worse/better?
Additional testing that can be done to try to get tot he bottom of things....

I'm sure others will chime in here.....
Thank you Lisa!
-I have had Blood work and a liver panel 6 months ago...all normal
-Had a stool sample a year ago...it was normal at that time
-Funny, I assumed the internal hems could be causing the stinging and the the pressure at least. Doctor said NO (really?). My hems don't bleed, All I get is stinging and burning long while after a bowel movement. Weird though, the really soft stool stings after much more than constipation
-I assume the 2 issues are related
Maybe an MRI of Abdomen to see what the bowel movement problem is? Intestines, stomach? so confused

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So ibs symptoms wise can be the same as crohns symptoms the difference is crohns does physical damage to the intestine.
Anal fissures (tears ) can form at the rectum -these are tiny cuts which can happen with crohns or ibs
They hurt terribly .
Especially when something “wet “ hits them similar to a cut .
The hard stool from constipation makes them worse .
Your gi can check for anal fissures.
My kiddo has constipation as part of his crohns
Not all stool softeners are equally .
He takes miralax daily and has got 10 years
This is an osmostic (draws water into the stool ) works well to keep it soft .
Must be used daily not just until the stool is soft once since that was stool from three days ago .
It takes up to three days to start working
Your Gi /gp can help you determine what one would be best for you
My kiddo was told to keep it constantly a Bristol 4 on the charts
Miralax let’s him do that

the urge to go is called temesus.
It can be from ibs or crohns ….
Recent bloodwork. (Last three months )
Fecal caloprotectin stool test recently …
All are things that docs start with
Ibs can be tricky and so can crohns
Good luck