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Need your experience - question re meds (for me - not crohns related)


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Hi everyone,

I've been dealing with some pain issues (spine and hip problems) and one possible med that's been suggested is pregabalin. I'm pretty sure I've read of others (kids) having taken this so I've come to the best source I know for opinions and advice! So was just wondering what your experience was with it. I've looked up side effects, etc. and have read that it can be difficult to discontinue and that some side effects can be hard to manage (but, I don't recall anyone here mentioning that??).

I'm not yet sure exactly what I'm dealing with... although it's been going on since February. Sports dr ordered a spine MRI because part of my pain is down the front/side of my thigh and calf. Spine MRI results - spine shows grade 1 spondylolisthesis but what the sports dr was most focused on was that it also showed a synovial cyst and he believes this is what's causing my problems. (More info in the MRI report but this seemed to be what was of greatest interest to dr.) He has referred me to an anesthesiologist to drain the cyst (seems to have low success rates :( ) and suggested Lyrica.

Separately, my GP had separately ordered a hip MRI (because this all started with hip pain and significant stiffness) and referred me to a rheumatologist. I don't have those results yet (should have it by end of week) and will be seeing rheumi in a couple more weeks.

From mid-May until a couple of weeks ago, I was taking 200mg Celebrex (helped in the beginning but, recently, not helping leg pain at all). For the past two weeks, I've been taking Robaxet Platinum (4-6 pills/day) because the muscle relaxant seems to help my leg a bit more than the celebrex (but, not by a lot either).

I'm not convinced it's the cyst, or, at least, not only the cyst, because other than the pressure on the nerve (which could be caused by other things??), all I've read indicates the symptoms of a cyst are the exact opposite of what I have?!? ie best for the cyst related pain is to sit or lay... this the worst for me - walking and standing feels best.

Anyway, have been miserable with the pain lately - it's a constant thing! And am at the point that I'm willing to take just about anything... but, having said that, I do want to know what I'm getting into before I just keep popping pills!

So, any experiences with pregabalin and has anyone taken it together with anti-inflammatories??

Thanks all!:yfrown: