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Negative Biopsy Result

Hi Everyone,

I had a sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy last Thursday and my GI has phoned me today with the results. They have said that whilst the person performing the sigmoidoscopy said that he could see inflammation and mucus extruding that the biopsy came back as negative. The last biopsy i had was positive for Crohns Disease and at a later appointmemnt when i had a MRI scan , that showed thickening on the illiem. Also my bloods have showed raised CRP recently and i have been experiencing a worsening of my symptoms (i have had a course of steroids and metronidazole recently) My GI is now wanting me to have a colonoscopy soon and he will be performing his one himself. I am just very worried now that they don't know what is wrong with me :( My GI says that he is not doubting that i have crohns disease as they take into account all of you past results as well as your recent one's and that he thinks the biopsy may have been taken from a healthy patch of mucosa.
I was just wondering if anybody else has had an experience like this and wouldn't mind sharing it with me ? Im quite upset as i am experiencing a worsening of symptoms and am worried that they might stop treatment if i get another negative result.


Jo :)


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I think as your gI said once you have been diagnosed with crohn's then you are definitely diagnosed. The ulcers crohn's forms are quite distinctive so there is no reason for them to go back on the diagnosis. Maybe he just wants to see for himself the extent of the disease so that he can monitor how well the treatment has worked? I wouldn't worry too much.
If you plan on staying with the same doctor, you should be fine since they know you have had a psositive result in the past. But if you swicth doctors that is when you will have a problem it seems. Then they will want their own tests done and if theirs came back normal they can take away the diagnosis, this happens quite a bit from what I have seen. Really pathetic actually, I mean if you had a positive diagnosis, then you more than likley have the disease. I agree with your doc, they probably just didn't get sufficient biopsies. I really do not think they will stop your treatment..
I think they only took 2 biopsies , there booking me in for a colonoscopy soon they've now said , Can't wait ! lol :) Thanks for the replies


Naples, Florida
If they found Crohn's in your ileum last time, I wouldn't put too much weight in the results of your sigmoidoscopy. It doesn't reach the ileum so let's wait and see what they find with the colonoscopy.
I had negative biopsies for 4 years before finally being diagnosed with Crohns. I think it is quite common for biopsies to come back negative, but that unfortunately does not prove you do not have the disease if you have other symptoms, like inflamation, thickening or fistulas.
Thanks everyone , My GI called me again yesterday (think he realised how much of a worrier i am !) He said he went back through all my past biopsy results/ Blood results and scan results and said he is in no doubt that it is crohns disease , He has arranged for a colonoscopy now & i have an appt on Monday to see him as well :)