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Negative colonoscopies

Sorry for being fixated, but I'm a little messed up right now.

Has anyone else here come back with a 'clean' (Edit, completely healthy) colonoscopy after having a solid diagnosis before? I know it can happen if the bad parts were all removed by surgery, but I'm not really looking at that situation. All I've had is prednisone.
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Quick question here because I don't want to open up another thread, but how long should it take for me to have a BM after my colonoscopy? It's been 24 hours since my post-colonoscopy meal and it was kind of a big one. I'd think with empty intestines I should have gone long ago.


ele mental leprechaun
Could take you 2-3 days before you pass anything and I would also take into account the fact that you lean towards constipation.

An empty gut in relation to a slower functioning gut on the constipation side is liable to mean you wont pass anything for a while yet Colt.

Just doing my usual pondering out loud here...
I managed to get a little bit out today. Not enough to account for what I've eaten but enough to know that it all still works.


ele mental leprechaun
At least you know you are slow and not severly constipated now. Just watch your water and food intake now and make sure you dont end up in the state you were last week!

Hang in there Colt things will improve..