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Nephew 4 years old

Hi my nephew has a form of crohns now been told her needs to start azathioprine my sister is really concerned about him starting this drugs and the side affects ? Has anyone else taken these ? Has it worked ? He is currently on steroids but still suffering with cramps and pink stools
If he is 4 I would look for a second opinion from an expert in paediatric very early onset Crohn’s. Are you in the USA? I’m surprised they haven’t suggested EEN in the first instance.
my daughter aged 10 been on aziothyoprin had lots of skin problems & infection.
it depends on severity of disease, she was severe.
it has definitely helped. Side effects can be a problem.

Have they looked at genetics?
my 2 daughters have a mutation on X chromosome.
it won’t change things but might give you answers.
that’s very young age.
my daughters diagnosed aged 10.
I sincerely hope he is ok.
This disease is just awful