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Nerve pain and burning

Had a barium enema and was diagnosed with diverticulosis and strictures after bouts of diarrhea followed by constipation and pain that kept me in bed. I was lucky in that I was able to manage with my diet until I got covid and the flu. I spent a few hours in the emergency room because I couldn't keep anything down including water. They performed blood, urine tests and a CT scan with dye suggesting it was the best test for having a better look. Other than being dehydrated and undernourished after not being able to eat for weeks an IV helped and I was able to start to get my strength back. Immediately following the visit I started having burning sensations in my arms, chest and abdomen especially near the sigmoid. That was a year ago. I have not had any flare ups but the pain just won't leave. Sometimes it travels down my left leg stopping around my knee and that is more of a throbbing burn that comes and goes daily.. The burn also goes up to my armpit and left arm stopping before my elbow. Sometimes I feel it in both arms stopping just above my elbows. Some days I just feel nuts. I never know what I will wake up to. They also strongly suggested a colonoscopy because they couldn't see the sigmoid. I am hoping someone has a suggestion. I know it is not my skin or muscle and only guessing it might be nerve damage. Has anyone experienced nerve pain mostly in the torso? Thank you