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Nervous about Entyvio

I've done both Remicade and Humira. My Dr wants me to move to entyvio but I'm really nervous about the side effects and that it won't work. I'm getting blood and iron infusions due to blood loss. blood tests indicated an increase in inflammation but CT Interography didn't detect any problems. I've been hospitalized several times for blood loS's but they can't find the source. And I've developed secondary symptoms such as joint pain, skin lesions, and brain fog.

Anyone on entyvio who canI provide feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I have heard good things about it. I would recommend checking out the support group, lots of people who have been on it talking about their experiences.
I am just adding to concur. The support groups here give more info. I would suggest posting in there and reading through the thread. Since it is a very new med there aren't a lot on it yet. Hopefully as it becomes more available we will get a clearer view of results. My kid is waiting for compassionate grounds request through the hospital to start it. It was just approved a few months ago here in Canada & certainly not approved for kids yet so she should start it by June.
Honestly, Entyvio has changed my life. I've tried every Crohn's drug available. 3 years ago I got into the drug trial for Entyvio and I have been in remission every since (for the first time in my life!!). I've had no noticeable side effects either. The only thing I can think of is that I'm really tired after I get my infusion and usually need to have a nap.

This drug is amazing