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Nestle Modulen for IBD

Since my Humira has stopped working I've been looking into other therapies and read a few posts about people suggesting enteral nutrition. Researching more, it seems like a lot of people are doing well on Modulen.

Has anyone here achieved remission with Modulen? Or do you feel that it has helped you maintain remission? How much does it cost and how does it taste?

I appreciate your assistance.
I've been using Modulen IBD for 9 months and I feel much better. Modulen certainly can help maintain remission; at least in my case. I had been using Fresubin before I started using Modulen. I can tell the difference between those enteral formulas. In Croatia we have prescription for Modulen and it doesn't cost too much. It tastes like powdered milk.
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I am using a combination of sole enteral nutrition and humira and aza. It sems to be starting to have an effect.
When I went onto sole EN my IBD dietician was deciding between modulen with nutrison extra or elemental 028 extra only. After discussion with her colleagues she decided on elemental 028 extra as there are more calories in it per ml (and other reasons I can't remember!).
She says that EN seems to work better as regards remission in those with upper GI /small bowel crohns.
I believe that modulen has excellent anti inflammatory qualities.
The first two periods where I had EN (enteral nutrition ) I was allowed to eat during the day and had nutrison liquid overnight. For the last 5 weeks I have had water and weak black tea only by mouth, no food at all and an almost continual feed via tube of EN. (a lot of people take the feed orally but again can only have water).