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Hey all, it's been a while since I was last here.

Firstly, sorry about the vague title; I was unsure how to summarise this.

Okay, after all these tests unanimously concluding the same "all-clear" result, I've finally accepted that it isn't Crohn's.

However, my mind has been non-stop since day one trying to find a cause/explanation of the symptoms. Some of them laid to rest, others still whirring. Someone certainly needs to be investigating, whether they're GE's or not, so it may as well be the one with the most experience.

I have basically been thinking about other factors that may not sound too obvious at first glance to be connected, but just stick with it...

I don't like being touched/prodded in certain places. E.g. EVERY exam the docs do - when they press down on the abdomen. It doesn't hurt, I just really don't like it. I always tense up. I can't help it. No matter how much they bitch and dry and tell me to "just relax". Same on my sternum - I went for an echocardiogram once, and though most of my chest was fine, the sternum was the sweet spot. I suddenly tensed up, like when you see them use defibrillators on TV.

My toes are incredibly sensitive; touching anything, even lightly, is excruciating. Obviously, any time anything is dropped, they are cosmically drawn to my toes. ANYTHING.

I don't like having my neck touched. Namely the front half. It's borderline on phobia. Even looking at other people's necks being touched I have to cringe and look away.

Well done for making it this far.
I also have a bladder problem - every hour without fail.
When I eat, I feel full for ages.
I'm wondering if there is an underlying neurological condition, that connects all of these things and explains it all? Like some kind of hypersensitivity?
Overreacting to a filling bladder, tensing the abdomen, digestive system... Being so much more sensitive to everything passing through than a normal person?

I'm not insane, by the way. This is one of my more sound theories.

Thank you for your time, and best wishes to you all,