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Never thought I'd have a little celebration about Poop

I have been out of the hospital for three nights. Starting the second day back, on my new Prednisone taper, diet and supplements I have had the most normal BMs ever! Within two hours of waking up the last two days I have had the most normal BMs in years! I actually texted my significant other to celebrate my triumphant return to bathroom (sorta) normalcy. Never thought that would be a cause for celebration, but this disease does weird things to you. :poo:

I am still experiencing symptoms of pain, blood, massive fatigue and some nausea but, I feel like I'm the mend. Little victories, right?

Thank you for all the support and I hope you can share in some of my excitement about this new development. :)


It's funny how the most insignificant things to some are cause for worry or excitement for us. Happy healthy poop and many more!
Yes, I too have given myself a little cheer here and there LOL For YEARS I never had a normal one- Remicade has changed that for me!
Yep hun I have been there! I remember the first day I didn't poop! I was so shocked when I realized it that I actually got out of bed to go out and tell my husband who was still awake :) funny the things we get excited about huh? ;)
I was diagnosed around 4 and half years ago, and I still remember what I did, and what I ate the day of my first solid poop after my first flare up. I was so proud of myself that day, I texted all of my friends to notify them, they all have a great sense of humor.
Though I was the only one. After starting Humira, I actually wanted to take a picture of poop. I was so excited, first time in probably 20 years I had normal BM. Told my son I got bored in the bathroom. I was used to speedy bathroom visits - water doesn't take long! Definitely cause for celebration