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Never wanted to have Crohns, now I have it

I vaguely remember reading about Crohn's a couple of years back, finding out that its main symptoms are massive diarrhea and rectal problems. I was even looking forward to reaching the age of 30, because I read people in their 20s have it (lol). I feared diarrhea and anal problems mainly because I already suffered from anal fissures since I was a kid and it has been (literally) a pain in the a*s since then, never figured out how to get rid of the fissures. Autodilatation was the only relief...
In 2022 I was in the military as an infantryman living my life as an unstoppable killing machine. But I started to have more and more watery stool but I had always got this type of stool and added to my anal fissures I just thought it was some kind of quirk of mine... I had visited 3 different doctors with my fissures and told them about my weird episodes of massive diarrhea that happened to me from time to time and nobody offered me a colonoscopy or anything so I remained calm.
Eventually, in 2022 I started to lose some weight, which I attributed to my lifestyle in the military (a lot of running). But then eventually one night I had a horrible pain in my stomach that moved to my bottom right area.
Sweet. Appendicitis. I am gonna go to a hospital over the weekend and on Monday back to business. Nope! Doctors told me: "You have an abscess created through numerous fistulae in your ileum. And btw you have Crohn's disease. And we must resect some parts of your Illeum. Bye," My plan to avoid Crohn's by reaching the age of 30 didn't work out cuz I got diagnosed with it when I turned 29.

Well since the surgery I had my ups and downs, some medication helped, some didn't. The only thing that bothers me today is immense anal pain. On Wednesday I will have to attend rectal sonography where they will confirm or deny fissures/fistulae/abscesses. The proctologist claims I have neither fistulae nor abscesses, X-ray people claim I have three of them... And this is the thing that I absolutely fuc*ing hate - the waiting. And how the doctors are unable to decide whether I have this or that. And there is always another check-up before I get my medication.

Where I am lucky is that my water diarrhea is "bile diarrhea". So I am taking this thing called "Colestyramine" that limits my bathroom breaks to 1-3 in the morning, depending on how my body rolls the dice.
Other medicaments include Mesalazine, Omeprazole, Diosmin and Corticoids.
I hope I get biological treatment soon.

See ya!


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Welcome to the Crohn's club. Do not waste any energy regretting not making it to age 30 without Crohn's. Had you done so you would have by no means been "home free." It's true that there is a spike in Crohn's incidence in the 20s and teen years, but there is a second spike in late middle age. That's when I got hit - diagnosed at age 60.