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New and need advice

Looking for advice I have been on predisone since November of 2012, everytime I taper down I go right back up. I am now on 50mg of Predisone and started taking the shot Cimzia, almost on my third month with it. I still have pain which at times is horrible and bloating. This is so frustrating, I was so hoping that Cimzia would be my Miracle drug. I am thinking that my body is so use to the predisone it just doesn't work anymore. I am going to the GI doctor tomorrow, and I need ideas where to go from here. I am sick of missing work and not being able to take care of my little girl. Maybe I am looking for advice and also compassion from others who understand. I just don't know where to go from here, stay on the Cimizia see if it kicks in on the 4th month. Is there anything else other that Predisone?
You've become prednisone dependent, I have the same problem, so I was put on Entocort, but it does not have any effect now. Your doctor might add Imuran or 6-mp to the mix so it might do the trick. I can only offer support not much help sorry. I'm in your situation, will be starting humira and afraid that like you on Cimzia, it might not be sufficient.


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Hello, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately it often takes some playing around before you can get the right medications at the right dosage, what dose of cimiza are you currently taking? Maybe it needs to be increased. It might be you need a different biologic such as remicade or an immuno suppressant such as 6MP. Here is some information on some of the drugs used for IBD http://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk/Resources/CrohnsAndColitisUK/Documents/Publications/Booklets/Drugs Used in IBD.pdf .

You may find you need a combination of biologics and immuno suppressants to get the disease under control. It is advisable to try and get off the steroids though. They are not ideal as a long term drug and the body can become dependent or resistant to them, making it harder to get a future flare under control.