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New and Suffering!

Hi all,

New to the forum.Diagnosed with UC in 2004, has been managed really well since with medication. However, over the last couple of weeks I have experienced chronic diarrhoea visiting the toilet upwards of 5 times a day of undigested food, however not always straight after eating (which was the main symptom of my colitis before I was diagnosed, would be on the toilet within 20mins of eating).

At first I thought the diarrhoea was a result of being on a course of antibiotics but after a week and a half of not taking the antibiotics anymore and diarrhoea still being present I paid a visit to my doctor who is querying an UC flare up. Thankfully with me being so lucky with my UC I am unsure what a flare up looks like. I am awaiting a call back from my IBD nurse, which should hopefully be tomorrow and result of a stool sample :frown: However in the meantime does anyone have any advice on helpful foods or remedies that can help.

I have been advised not to take over the counter remedies.

Meds: Salofalk 500mg gastro-resistant prolonged-release granules
Welcome, I am sorry you are having a bad time. I'm glad that you have been into see your doctor. There are a few different threads on hear about different foods people eat while flairing. I'm not sure how to tag them tho, perhaps someone else can. I think most stick to soft foods, mash potatoes, rice, soup, toast. Unfortunately you may just have to try them and see what works. I usually do better if I eat small bites throughout the day. Glad you joined.
Thanks cross-stitch gal! I was called in for blood tests on Wednesday and have a liver scan on Monday. No results as yet, but with a bland diet my symptoms seem to be easing up :ycool: