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New blog post on (mis)diagnosis of diverticulosis


My current blog post on No Worries Even When Life is Shitty delves into the first diagnosis I received that was specifically gut-related: diverticulosis. And finding love while nervous about my food issues.

Hope it helps in the discussion of IBD


I was recently diagnosed with diverticulosis with my last colonoscopy...my first thought was great another gut issue!

From some of your earlier posts...I found it interesting that you had an issue as a child, but still had gone so many decades before being diagnosed. I remember going to urgent care as a child because of abdominal pain, being scared to stay overnight for observation and telling my mom I felt better so we could go home. They did minimal tests to ensure it wasn't my appendix and let us leave. Maybe that was IBD already rearing it's ugly head??? My mom has digestive issues and I often think she has IBD as well, but she like many others, brushes off here issues to normal or due to something she ate. I think she is more like me than she thinks.

I enjoyed reading your posts, thank you!
It seems incredible now that I went without a diagnosis for so long. The constant pain was dismissed as just a symptom of nerves and stress as a child. And as I aged it was dismissed as something else.
Good for you to be proactive about your care. Your mom's choice not to investigate, as you know.
Thanks for reading the blog! The craziest stuff is yet to come.