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New colostomy

Feb 4th, the first day of my new life with a colostomy. I can say that today because the fistulas stopped draining the day before yesterday and I can sit!!!!
I've been couch ridden since Sept, abscess surgery Dec 18, didn't know I had an abscess cause the fistulas were so painful. Surgery made no difference to pain level.
Asked Dr if ilieo or colostomy was possible and how soon? He was surprised I was so gung ho.
Learning curve is HUGE. But not nearly as terrifying as I had imagined. Legs stopped shaking during bag change now ;-)
Looking thru the threads has been a game changer for me tonight. Thank you to all who have shared. Insights, tips and tricks and general good nature have assured me I will be okay.

Thanks everyone :kiss:
question.....safe, comfortable way to put on weight? I lost 24 lbs in the month before my surgery. I look skeletal, muscles have wasted away and I am so weak, I hate it. I have added avocado, butter, bread, mac & cheese with extra cheese, protein with every meal and I don't feel like I've gained anything.

fuzzy butterfly

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Hi Dunbar. I hope hope the colostomy helps you get better. My ileostomy did wonders for me.
At this stage you could ask yout doctor for some boost drinks to help you again some weight. There are a few like Ensure and fresubin also complan. Im in the uk (not sure where you are ) but there will be similar to be had.
As for normal foods mashed potatoes,pasta,cheese,can help you gain weight. Try to have as varied a diet as you can tolarate. You can also request a dietician to help you with a diet plan.
Best wishes 💕