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New Crohns Disease Medication Being Researched

Crohns condition medication can be ineffective, because no one actually knows yet what causes this condition.

The many commonly accepted hypothesis has been which white blood cells or leukocytes attack normal intestinal germs, however, a leading British expert, Professor John Hermon-Taylor has a different hypothesis plus is currently functioning to build up a different type of Crohns medication.

The scientific plus health communities blame a quantity of conditions about a dysfunctional immune system. These conditions are not considered to be caused by a damaged immune system, however, by an overactive immune system.

Such conditions include: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, plus Crohns.

In the case of Crohns, its known which white blood cells gather inside the bowel,causing inflammation. What isnt known is why this appears. White blood cells are the bodys main infection fighters, however, when no infection can be found, then the supposition is produced which the immune system is responding on track germs or attacking healthy tissue plus is therefore dysfunctional crohns disease .

Operating under this hypothesis, a doctor could prescribe a Crohns condition medication which suppresses the immune system. While these medication could lower inflammation plus alleviate symptoms, they can moreover interfere with all the bodys all-natural ability to fight off infection.

A brand-new hypothesis has been presented by Professor John Hermon-Taylor following 15 years of research at Londons St. Georges Hospital. He has developed a brand-new Crohns medication, a vaccine, which he could be positive will cure the disease, not only treat the symptoms.

Instead of suppressing the immune system, because active Crohns medication can, the vaccine might assist the immune system by permitting it to identify plus destroy specific germs mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis or MAP which the professor feels causes the disease.

Found in sheep, pigs plus cattle, the brand-new research indicates which MAP enters the human food chain through milk plus h2o.

On the downside, nevertheless, it is years before this brand-new Crohns condition medication is available to lots of people…and naturally, there is no guarnantee it is authorized or function.

The professors research is not government funded and has now been supported solely by personal donations. The brand-new Crohns medication need to be thouroughly tested about healthy human volunteers to confirm that there are no negative effects, before trials can be done using persons who have the disease.

For those who currently suffer from the disease, delaying found on the brand-new Crohns medication or vaccine is not an option. The symptoms, even if gentle, are not something which a person can reside with about a daily basis without relief. A latest survey by practitioners of practitioners inside Europe figured Crohns condition medication is wrong more than half the time.

Another survey showed which those who suffer from the disease find alternatives, because of ineffectiveness or negative effects connected with active Crohns medication.

One alternative to active Crohns condition medication is eating supplementation with mangosteen wellness drink.

The mangosteen is an exotic fruit which was selected historically throughout Asia to help remedy a quantity of conditions, including digestive difficulties.

Scientific research has shown which the rind of the fruit contains compounds which are all-natural anti-inflammatories plus all-natural pain relievers.

More than 55 different powerful anti-oxidants, called Xanthones have been identified plus researched. Some of these are anti-viral plus anti-bacterial, so if youre delaying for the latest Crohns breakthrough, like pleasing Professor Hermon-Taylor is functioning about, you might want to consider mangosteen inside the interim.


Worse part of the article was this

On the downside, nevertheless, it is years before this brand-new Crohns condition medication is available to lots of people…and naturally, there is no guarnantee it is authorized or function.
Yes, that's always the bad part. My first thought reading articles like this is always:

Faster, please.


"One alternative to active Crohns condition medication is eating supplementation with mangosteen wellness drink."

Whoa, have you/do you drink this? I used to drink it when I was younger (really young) so I can't recall if it worked or not but had to take a few spoonfuls a day. We got it from a distributor similar to Avon who must have got a percentage for every drink sold.

It seems to be pretty hard to find now and I think I remember it being expensive but if it works it might be worth a try
There I missed that part. I don't know if that was a add or something. But I'm going to markets today. See if there in season and try some.
Can't hurt right.
I would believe the website would like to take advantage of us at any cost


The mangosteen juice I bought came in a big glass bottle. I can't remember the brand but it looked like a really watered down grape juice...and it tastes disgusting lol
While it isn't refined yet it sounds like the sort of direction that people should be going in to find a proper cure for CD!
I spent too many years passively watching and waiting and hoping a cure would come faster. Not anymore through, I am actively involved and other people posting here are too. Don't wait for someone else to make it happen, find a research programme or trial you believe in and get involved.
I've heard the MAP theory of Crohn's before. It's often cited on websites that talk about the Beck Protocol, which is not recommended here (involves drinking colloidal silver and often DMSO).

Just in case you thought the goat cheese was safe:
But then... it could be Toxoplasma...

After a while, you just get paranoid reading this stuff. :eek: Or you become a farmer.

There are a lot of lies about xanthones out there. For example, WiseGeek says that there are no clnical studies about mangosteen besides the ones done by Dr. Duke. Well I have news for them:


I don't "believe in it" or "disbelieve in it" as a treatment, but I hate it when people make a claim like "there are no studies..." and they are lying.

I read everything, even if I don't agree with it. Sometimes it's hard when something is clearly a dangerous practice, but some things are worth knowing about even if you don't decide to use them.
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Mexico is roundly kicking our (USA) butt in research on this issue. I'd like to see some good reasons given for why Mexican herds would have more MAP than American ones. I can't think of any reasons off the top of my head... if this is true even halfway in the USA, then the raw milk movement has had it.


False Negatives in detection of infected animals, also description of the disease in cattle (sound familiar?):
The literature shows that MAP can survive pasteurization, so all dairy is potentially a carrier of MAP.

Also, I have read that two of the more common treatments for Crohn's, MP3 and Remicade, seem to have some effect on MAP.

It's all suggestive. Add to that the fact that Dr. Crohn himself suspected MAP as a causation for the disease that bears his name, and there's an important element that needs to be confirmed or refuted once and for all. There are discussions elsewhere on this forum about Dr. John Hermon-Taylor's research.
This really gives me hope for the first time since my son got sick:
(Latest update in the Crohn's MAP vaccine fb site)

A message of hope from Mary Sophia Kent, who won her battle against Crohn's Disease:

Hi Amy
I spoke to your father when I was at a very low point. I was 6 stone and steadily getting more and more poorly. He is an inspiring man. I took the rifabutin/clarif combo and under the care of the wonderful Jeremy Sanderson and his team I was better within months. That phone call saved my life and I'm eternally grateful for his kind words,time and advice. It was only by pure chance that I spoke to him over the phone at his office. I had phoned the hospital and asked to be put through and was just very, very lucky. Please pass on my thanks from the bottom of my heart. That was over 10 years ago and I've been well since. I will do anything I can to help with this please let me know. I'm happy to fundraise, participate in any research etc. All the best
Mary x