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New day

new day

I am new to this forum and I have been reading so much good innformation here. I have had crohns for over 10 years. I have a colostomy and have had multiple hernia surgeries. Having the colostomy has been a blessing in disguise. No more mad dash to the bathroom. But I am facing more surgery because of the new hernias. I should just get a total colectomy?


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Hi Lari and welcome! I am sorry to hear you are facing another surgery. I sure hope it turns out to be another blessing. I suggest checking out the Surgery & Stoma forums. I bet you'll find a lot of helpful information there.

Once again, welcome to the forum!
Hello Lari and welcome to the forum...:)
Great place for information from people who know...
Take care..


Hi Lari. Welcome to the family. :hug: I'm sorry to hear about the hernias. That sounds so incredibly painful. I really hope your upcoming surgery helps you a ton and that you recover quickly. Hang in there.
Thanks for the welcome. I can see there are many that are much worse off than me. Gotta quit this bellyaching .... I see my doctor on Friday.
I saw my doctor and he upped my entercort and also started me on 6mp. He us pulling out all the stops to try to get me in remission. This latest flare-up has been the worst one yet. Since March. I hope I get some relief.


Yes, it's about time this flare eases up on you. I really hope the 6mp helps you out. My fingers are crossed for you. :hug: