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dental issues

have any of you had any dental problems associated with your Crohn's ? I have some issues ...receeding gums ,sesitivity , etc. my mum is 76 and has agreat smile with all her own teeth ! just wondered if nutritional deficiency over the years could do this? cheers ps this thread comes up with a title of a thread that i chose to deleate. sorry , couldnt figure out how to change thread title !!!
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My daughter who has crohns is our only child with dental issues. She had several abscesses and recently a tooth that just broke in half. I heard from others that it could be related to crohns disease.
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yeah I actually broke a piece of tooth off on a burger.. thought it was a bit of bone in the meat , no! it was a bit of my tooth.. really though ,i'm not that shocked now when things like this happen..i just take it in stride and smile(with a broken tooth,LOL)