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New From Cleveland, Ohio,USA

Hi- I was diagnosed with crohns in Oct 1998 after I had appendix cancer surgery. First appendix was taken out, they discovered I had cancer and then went back in to preform a right hemicolectomy as the cancer had grown into my colon.

The oncologist was trying to continue on with chemotherapy as a preventative measure after the surgery. They did one week of chemo and my system shut down, ended up in the hospital during Christmas that year. They could not finish the chemo treatments after that.

My disease has for the most part been mild to moderate since then. I have had D since my surgery in 98. I've been on Pentasa and Imuran. Since July of this year my disease has been increasingly active. Rectal bleeding, D, tesnesmus- big time. Now on Prednisone tapering and I have been approved for Humira injections. Just waiting for an appointment sooner than Jan 5th. Using the bathroom 16 times a day. Lots of straining with no results except pain. My butt hurts. Oh yeah, in Sept they diagnosed me with breast cancer. I've had the surgery and now going through radiation treatments so the anxiety of going to treatments every day is not helping the crohns situation. I'm 53 and feel like I've aged to 63 in the last few months.

smurphy :poo:


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:welcome: to the forum smurphy,

You have been through soo much. There are a ton of supportive and knowledgeable people here. There also is a thread for the 'Humira club'. I hope you get some relief soon. Welcome again.
Omg wow. I am so so so sorry for all that you've been through. Welcome to the forums and its a great support system. I wish you all the luck in the world with getting better and healthy again. We are all here for you day and night people will be on here. I was still up at 3 am yesterday and talking to others on here. Its a great feeling knowing somebody is here no matter what. I wish you the best of luck with everything and when you do feel good again, with the way you've made it through everything already I am sure you will, we all want to hear about it alright? We like thoses stories a lot :) Best of luck and welcome.


Welcome to the forum!! It truly is a great support group. I'm in Maryland and I have talked to people all over th world on here. We have one thing in common. Our guts seem to hate us at times. :) I'm so sorry for all you have been thru up to this point. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Welcome Smurphy. Hey that almost sounds like Smurf. lol I'm sorry to hear of all you've gone through. When things make you down just jump on the forum and someone will be hear to lend an ear and a shoulder.
Good luck with everything.
Welcome :) you have been through the ringer! You will hopefully find this a great place for support and information - you are never alone :)
Welcome to the Forum...

You most certainly had more than your share of illness...

Here you will find someone is usually around to talk to
so feel free to vent or ask questions.

You are in my prayers...

Welcoming Hugs~Nancy
Welcome. You have been through such a lot and are still fighting. The support here is wonderful. Come and chat/vent whenever you need - someone is always listening.
Thanks to everyone for your support. I know that there are a lot of people who have gone through so much more than I have. Can't help but feel sorry for myself once in awhile. I'm so tired by the time I leave for my radiation treatments in the morning because I'm in the bathroom staining so much. Then I'm crabby by the time I get to work. What is it with all this straining. Its like spasams that are uncontrollable and so painful. I feel like my insides are coming outside. ITS very scary. You guys are great. Thank you.


Straining is just part of the process. At least it is for me too. It isn't fun. It can be scary at times.

Just know that you can post your feelings on here. We are always here for you and your thoughts.


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What is it with all this straining. Its like spasams that are uncontrollable and so painful. I feel like my insides are coming outside
That is me right there. I don't understand it and I dang sure could do without it.
Spent two frustrating hours this morning trying to get a date sooner than Jan 5th for my first Humera treatment. I was approved two weeks ago by Medical Mutual. In speaking to my GI docs secretary today, I found out that I have to come to the Cleveland Clinic with the Humera in my hand. They don't have it there ??!! She said I would have to call my insurance company back and find out where and when they were going to deliver it. I got nowhere with medical mutual. Ended up speaking with some one in the cancer center at University Hospital which is the Clinics biggest competitor. I nice nurse there took pity on me and suggested I call a pharmacist. So I called Caremark who provides my Pentasa. Apparently I now have to get pre approval from them and if its covered under my plan then they will send me the medicine and then I can make my appointment. So I thought I was approved but I guess not yet. Don't these people understand what kind of pain in involved in a crohn's flare ? And the fact that being on the phone for 2 hours getting the run around makes it worse. I know , I know stupid questions. Thanks for letting me vent. Geeezzzee.



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Are you going with medicine in hand so they can teach you how to self inject??? It took a while for me to be authorized at first. There is a start up kit that my doctor gave me, that has an DVD and a pamphlet on how to self inject. Did you get any of that???
The Cleve Clinic said that I would have to come with the humira in hand because they didn't have it there. I'm waiting for the insurance company to approve it and then send it to me. That was confusing to me. I just thought that I made an appointment and they would have the medicine there ready for me to use. I will get the hang of this eventually.

Susan aka smurph