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New GI Dr Tomorrow due to awful skin issues! Worried

Tomorrow I am heading to a new GI doctor due to MAJOR skin problems on long term 6MP, 100mg. My entire body has warts and bumps all over and I can no longer control them. I mean hundreds of warts. How can this be?

I'm so scared to change meds since I've been on 6MP for 18 years and have been fairly healthy. I've never been hospitalized, no surgeries and am so grateful about that. However, every time I try to taper the 6MP, I feel the Crohn's. Also, I feel like not much has changed in the way of CD treatment since I was diagnosed 24 years ago which is disappointing.

Feeling frustrated, sick of this disease and completely embarrassed by all of the warts and bumps. To top it off, I'm coming off of prednisone after being on it for a week and feel like i'm losing my mind...
I am sorry for all you are going through. You might want to check with a dermatologist concerning the warts and bumps. Ask your doctor about the prednisone.