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New here and looking for a new doctor

I am new on here and hoping y'all can help me find a new doctor in my area.

I have severe Crohn's and IBS. I have both for almost 10 years. I've had three bowel resections and my gallbladder and appendix removed.
Both Remicade and Humira failed on me so I'm on Cimzia right now.

I've had this doctor for five years and he's constantly talking about How weird and hard my case is and seems as though he doesn't care anymore. When I have really bad days I call asking for pain medicine and he tells me to go to the ER. So I go and after the same CT and set of X-rays and labs they give me pain meds and say,"go see your GI doctor"......and then the whole cycle starts over.

Every time i ask he aks as though I'm being dramatic and
Then he had the audacity to tell me that Crohn's disease is not painful.

I want to find a doctor that wants to help me instead of pawning me off on the ER. Someone that understands what I'm going through and can actually help me on the bad days.
I'm in the Dallas/Fort worth area. Can anyone recommend a good, compassionate doctor that I can go to?

Thanks so much!!! :eek:


Hello and :welcome: to the forum, I am sorry to hear about the ongoing problems with the tum you are having and the struggles with your GI, I cannot help with regards to recommending a new one but I do hope you can get to a new one sorted soon. How often are you having bad days and so they correlate to anything specific such as certain foods etc? Have you had any recent investigations? Seems to me that the doc should be looking into why you are still having problems.....

Hope you can be feeling better soon

Thank you!!!
My doc has done every scope, lab test, stool test, x rays, CT's, MRI's and pretty much every other test to find out what's going on.
I do have trigger foods but I stay away from them. I've done a low residue diet, gluten free diet, low fat diet, and a few more. I even tried some of them together but nothing changes it.
I think I just need a fresh set of eyes to look at it. I've had those 3 resections all within 4 years and I'm only 28. I've got to improve my quality of life.


Good luck hun, please keep us updated on how you get on. Also do have a good nosy around, there is plenty of helpful info and support here for you :hug:


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Naples, Florida
Hi Jenna and welcome!

Yes, if a doctor tells you that Crohn's Disease isn't painful, you should definitely find a new one. I hope you're able to find a great one, sorry I'm not anymore help than that :(

With those resections, are you being monitored for vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D?

I wish you well!
Ok well tell him passing a kidney stone isnt painful either!

What an ass! Thats just malpractice as far as I can see.

I was browsing the board for the first time yesterday and saw your post. I felt compelled to get back on today and register so I could give you a great dr. recommendation that is right in your geographic area. His name is Dr. Andrew Holt. His number is 972-691-3777. He has an office in Flower Mound and Keller. He is very compassionate, comprehensive, proactive, and has a calming, wonderful bedside manner. The only negative is he is a very popular GI doctor (because he is so good), so it takes a while to get an appointment. So, call today and get one scheduled but know it may be a few months. I am so sorry for everything you are going through and hope you get better soon. Also, I think that many doctors are shying away from prescribing pain meds due to all the new regulations and accountability. Many are referring to pain management doctors. There is a great one in Plano which is a little drive for you but he is great also...Dr. Remer 469-326-5100.
Best of luck!
Joanna2012, thank you so much!!!

I actually live in Keller so that would be perfect! I kind of figured that's why he was hesitant to prescribe me anything. I also figured he would refer me to someone else but never did.

Thank you so much for this information I will definitely look into it today. It was so nice of you to register on here to help me out. :ysmile:
David, thank you.
No he hasn't checked me for any of those. Frankly I think he's just given up. I am definitely going to ask my new doctor about it and request to have all of those tested.