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New here and need suggestions!

Found this forum while looking for advice and suggestions. I'm in my early 30's and was diagnosed with Crohn's last year but have probably had it for longer than that. Imaging after an ER visit found two strictures the area of my ileocecal region, one of which was able to be dilated during a colonoscopy. The other they could not since it was too small. So for the time being, until it can be eventually dilated by other means or surgically removed, I need to stay on a Low Residue diet (i.e. things that can be very easily digested - no fibrous vegetables or seeds, nuts, etc)

I can function on this diet but it's honestly gotten boring and is difficult to keep any weight on, so I wondered if anyone has suggestions for foods/meals/snacks that fit into this category. I'm lactose intolerant so can't handle yogurt/smoothies unless they are dairy free versions. I am also very anemic and have been feeling the effects of that lately. Fatigue, lightheadedness, pale skin, the works. Been taking supplements but haven't seen much improvement. Been trying to incorporate more iron-rich foods, such as liver, into my diet lately as well.

Additionally, my bloodwork has shown that I am ANA-positive. Basically a sign there may be other autoimmune problems going on. Has anyone else here experienced this as well? Ugh, I feel like I'm just too young to be dealing with all this!


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I am a Crohn's patient who is also ANA positive, but I have not been diagnosed with any autoimmune diseases. According to published research about 20% of Crohn's patients are also ANA positive. So they are both probably part of the same spectrum of diseases and conditions that arise from having an over-active immune system. So being a Crohn's patient with a positive ANA test does not automatically mean that an autoimmune disease is also present, but it does suggest that it is something worth looking into.

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Hi E.W. and welcome to the forum!
have doctors talked to you about enteral liquid diets? Mostly used with kids, this even help achieving remission in IBD when used as sole source of food consumed. Some adults and countries use it more often than others (UK or Israel for instance use it a lot for adults). There are some that are lactose free. I am not sure if you can find lactose free at your pharmacy, but probably your pharmacist can help you finding or ordering a liquid replacement meal thats good for you. I am sure these could help you feel better.