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New Here, New to Humira, Over Crohn's


My name is AJ... I was referred here by a visitor to my blog. Well, I was specifically referred to the LGBT subforum on here, but have been browsing all the different ones.

I was officially diagnosed with Crohn's about 3 years ago, I think. It was a crazy time in my life so it's hard for me to really keep track of what happened when. I know I've had stomach issues my entire life, but never thought much of it. Things got much worse in college and I had pretty severe constipation/hemorrhoid/diarrhea problems. I wound up in the hospital a couple of times, but didn't have health insurance, so while the doctor would say, "It's looking likely you have either Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis," they never did anything further to help or diagnose. Just gave me pain meds or butt creams and sent me on my way.

After that, I did pretty well for a couple of years, but then things got pretty severe. I was using the restroom upwards of 30x's a day and my weight dropped to 98 lbs. Luckily I found a free clinic online and went to them for help. The doctor I had was very kind, but couldn't believe I was in my 20's. Due to the weight loss and my persistent baby-face, he thought I was around 14. He started me on prednisone and sulfasalazine, which did help quite a bit. He also helped me get on Medicaid and referred me to a GI. The GI, who is still my doctor, started me on 6MP and that helped a lot. I was nearly in remission, but then some symptoms began returning. I was already at the highest dosage for my weight, so we discussed Humira.

Two days I ago I had 4 "loading" shots of Humira - which burns in a way I wouldn't have ever anticipated. And that's where I am now, I guess.

Some details about me, besides Crohn's Disease: I am 27, living in Indiana. I work as an Advertising Project Manager/Freelance Graphic Designer. I am in a committed partnership with an amazing, supportive woman and we're currently in the process of having a baby!

I guess that's all for now... :)

(P.S. I wanted to link back to my blog, as it discusses Crohns, etc., but I'm too new for that still! Maybe at a later date!)
Welcome AJ! You have a lot going on. I hope the humira is "the one" for you esp with a new baby on the way, what a joy! Glad you are here. If you have any questions about the humira we do have a treatment forum with a sub forum for it. Others can offer their experiences in using it.


So glad you are able to join us and glad I found your blog. You can add your blog link to your signature.

Are you and your partner adopting or having a biological child? Who is carrying if so.
We plan to have a biological child. My partner will carry and my brother is donating. Which gives us a relatively high "weirdness" factor, but he lives a little over an hour away, which will help keep his relationship as strictly Uncle. And this way the child will be both of ours genetically. Legally, my brother will be nothing more than donor since we're doing all the insemination through a doctor.

We had planned to buy sperm, but then he offered us his without being asked and we chose to accept. We though it would be cheaper, but it turns out it actually may cost a little more, but saves us the hassle of needing to learn a stranger's medical history, etc. I already know all about his genetics, past, family, etc. :)


I get the weirdness factor but its true that you both will have a biological and genetic connection to the child. One of my friends has a gay brother who wants her to freeze an egg for him. I suppose it would be a similar concept and his future partner will be the one to use his sperm.
I've mentioned it to her... she's so incredibly busy and doesn't have a lot of "free" time, but I sometimes read her things and we discuss them. She loves learning about Crohns and how to better support me through all the ups and downs! :)