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Hello Im new here, and have never gotten involved in any forum before. I have been diagnosed with crohns for around 12 years now. I have been on many medications and recent my insurance company called me askin if I was suffering from certain side effects from cimzia. I have been on cimzia for two yrs and have had some side effects, but the questions they were askin made me a lil concerned. So I got online and looked it up, came across this forum, and I saw a lot of questions on things that I have been threw. Thought I would join and maybe help answer some of those, and maybe get some of mine answered. Would also be cool to talk to some people that deal with this condition also. Anyway im new here and just wanted to say hi.
Thank you a lot of what they were asking I had experienced, some I never thought this med would . I do know its been better than remicade for me .


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I just wanted to welcome you to the forum.It really is unmatched for friendship and support and advice.What they don't know on here isn't worth asking.They are incredible.So have a good look round and find stuff that interests you.I hope you're having a GOOD day today !!!