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New Here

While I'm new, I've been here before and read some of the posts that I had questions about...first time writing though.

Well, here goes...I was first diagnosed with probable Crohn's in 2008, after waking about 1:00 am with severe abdominal pain. Tried fighting it for a while then ended up in the emergency room. Proceeded with a c.t., x-rays, pain meds., a load of antibiotics, no food, and a hospital stay. They did not know for sure what the issue was...at first they thought it was a infection and sent me home taking flagyl and levaquin(sp). A couple of months later I had a reaccurrence and then several more tests that were not comfortable, losing my modesty. Determined to Crohn's until proven otherwise. I felt comfortable with my doctor but not knowing what I had for sure was a little stressful. Interesting fact is I had a fistula in 1982, not knowing then fistulas are associated with Crohn's.

I've had a few more episodes of abdominal pain and throwing up, ending up in the emergency room with Dilaudid being my friend. I've found eating right for me helps and trying to reduce stress levels(which is difficult since I have a busy mind). I also go to an accupucturist(chinese medicine). Penatasa is the drug they placed me on and seems to work fairly well as long as I do my part and eat what's right for me. I have had the capsule endoscopy a few times. One thing that has really happened to me since the start of all this...I'm hypersensitive to my body and every little change throughout my body, which I really don't like.

I apologize for the rambling. I'm not very good writing about myself, but I think this forum can help me and if and where I can, help others. I forgot to mention I'm a 61 year old male. Thanks
welcome to the group. I'm fairly new myself. I've read a lot over the years but am just now to the point where I feel I could use some support.

I was diagnosed in 2008 after a long struggle of a diagnosis. I figured I had IBS. I had a CT and it showed possible Crohns, had a colonoscopy and the Dr just said my bowel was tortuous and couldn't see anything. So I went another year without a diagnosis when finally I was talking with one of the Drs I work with and he did some hunting. Got me to a better GI that did a capsule endoscopy and low and behold I had Crohns.

Anyway I did entocort for 6 months. Remicade for 6 years, had my son in oct 2014 and switched to Cimzia in the last year. I had a bad Cdiff infection that has caused havoc and made it so I couldn't take my cimzia so now I'm suffering the consequences of that. I have a fistula and a microperforation that they're treating with flagyl and cipro and I just got off a short round of prednisone to see if they could get the swelling of my crohns down. So I'm crossing my fingers that Cdiff won't be an issue with these antibiotics.

Anyway, there's my story. I can relate a little to what you've been through. I hope you find some comfort in this group :)
Oh yeah and i'm a 30 year old female living in the frozen tundra of north dakota
Thank you for the reply. Those antibiotics are always tough on me. Hope it works well for you! Hang tough!

It's hard for me sometimes because it affects so many areas and parts of your body. Not many people know or understand what you go through sometimes.

Congratulations on your son! Don't blink, he'll be grown and gone in no time:)

Wishing you the best. Are you a North Dakota State Bison fan?
I agree with it affected your body in so many areas. When I was on Remicade my Gi probably thought I was a baby bc my body ached so badly all the time. The Cimzia has really helped with that. Maybe its just my abdomen hurts so badly all the time i can't really say anythign else hurts? lol. I have found that I'm very in tune with my body. I can tell right when something is going badly, so thankfully every complication I've had with Crohns has been caught fairly early.

It also help that my son is the sweetest little boy. He's very calm and not overly needy. So when I'm sick he's fine with me laying on the couch and coming to check on me once in awhile. Hes 15 months right now. Last time I was throwing up and sitting in the bathroom he was laughing at me the whole time.

I do like the North Dakota Bison.
Welcome both of you. I feel also that it can affect any part of your body. Besides Crohn's, I have psorasis and hypothyroidism. Feel free to come anytime.
Thank you for the welcome! I think it will be beneficial to have contact with others who have similar experiences and to learn from.
Welcome to the group, so glad you found this grp.
When I was diagnosed at 28- there was nothing like this and it was a very lonely
time. As often happens my mom and husband don't really get it, so really for me
even if I am not posting reading the posts here have really really helped me!!


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Welcome SB7. So glad you found us but of course sorry you needed to.. we are here to help and support each other as best we can. Hope you feel better very soon..best wishes 💕