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New here

I’ve had CD for 28 years now (diagnosed at 13). I don’t consider myself severely affected although I have developed health anxiety in the last couple of years. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure subscribing to this forum will help me deal better with my CD or rather increase my health anxiety even more ;o/. What I’m mostly looking for are answers from fellow CD to my several questions. Anyways, here’s my little story: I had surgery in 1999 (bladder fistula) and in 2016 (septicemia). I’m currently under Humira every 2 weeks and I also take Colestid to slow down bowel transit. I also take drugs to control blood pressure. On a personal side, I’m 41, father of a 6 y.o. charming girl and I teach chemistry in college for a living. I love boardgaming, videogames, watching/playing sports and I have started jogging daily 4 months ago with very satisfying results so far (both physically and mentally).
I hope to meet new people here, answers to my questions and find ways to reach relative peace of mind about my CD.


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Hello Krushpin ...Welcome to the forum
Hopefully you will find some help from fellow sufferers in these pages
Its not easy being a chronie but sometimes it is helpful to share experiences and treatments
with others.
It is a depressing illness at times...but exercise and other outdoor activities can be helpful to offset this.
Jogging is great for meeting others and is a good thing.
Have a good look around the forum pages there is a wealth of information to be found