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New Member checking in

Hello everyone,

I was Diagnosed with Crohn's disease about a year and a half ago. I have been doing the SCD diet religiously since that time. I am (or rather was) extremely active, and have a busy life. My symptoms were under control for the most part until a couple of weeks ago, when for no particular reason everything seems to have gone haywire. I spend a vast chunk of my day in the bathroom (my new office!) I literally cannot hold down any food, anything I eat comes out pretty much within the half hour. Haven't had solid stool in about a month etc. (and knocked off a bottle of painkillers during that time)
I am under quite a serious amount of stress lately which may have something to do with this.
I really do not want to get off the diet, I am a young married dad of a couple of kids and cannot bear to deal with the side effects of the drugs.
I guess just checking in to get some support ..............
Thank you all
Sorry to hear that you are flaring. Have you been tracking your inflammation through testing while on the diet? Since CD can be silent(simmering inflammation with no symptoms) it is always a good idea to have regular blood work and fecal calprotectin stool tests(show inflammation in GI tract only) even if you aren't having symptoms. Once symptoms present blood work, fecal calprotectin test along with further testing would probably be indicated such as scope, MRE(magnetic resonance enterography) etc.

I hope you find some answers and relief soon.
Yes, had a CT scan done about 3 months ago. Dr. said all inflammation cleared, but some strictures were left which are there to stay.
Some times a CT scan can't pick up simmering inflammation and can miss things. My son had a CT that the doc said looked like there might be some minor inflammation at his TI when they did the scope he said the inflammation at the TI was severe not minor. This was at the time of dx. Maybe the doc could run some blood work, fc test and also maybe rule out things like C-diff.

Hope things improve for you soon!
Thanks. I constantly do blood work and it comes back good. Anyway, I am pretty much on a liquid only diet these past few days, so minimizing the bathroom trips.


Welcome to the forum, we have an SCD sub-forum http://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=288 and many members here do follow the diet closely or believe in some of the principles.

I understand your fear of medication and you want to ensure that you can be fully able to care for your kids but keep in mind that the medications may not produce any side effects for you and you may find you will be healthier as a result of the disease being properly managed. You can always discontinue a drug if it isn't helping. I am not trying to steer you one way or another but you should have all options on the table when dealing with this illness.