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New member - love the posts

Just joined (10/5/13). Have been reading a lot of the posts. Really feels like I'm not alone. Not much in the way of support groups in rural Alberta so trying to find my way. Lucky to have 3 wonderful doctors on my side. GI, Rheum., & my family dr. All three female and the best I've ever met.


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Hi rrhood1 and welcome to the forum! :D

Have you been diagnosed with Crohn's (I'm assuming you have been though)? When were you diagnosed? Are you currently in remission or a flare (symptoms?)? Are you on any particular treatment plan?

Sounds like you have a good set of doctors by your side. :) I find all three to be extremely important for treating Crohn's. All of mine are male but I don't mind being female.
Yes, Crohns diagnosed in June 2010. Tried Humira & Imuran - helped the bowel but did nothing for all the secondary symptoms - joint pain, skin infections, eye pain. On Remicade now for almost 2 years with Methotrexate. Was in remission for almost all that time. Having a bad flare right now - horrible pain in my joints so my Rheumatologist is trying Sulfasalazine. Waiting for it to kick in.
I'm very lucky with my doctors - they are fabulous & available via email when I'm having trouble.