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New member - query re urgency

Hi guys, I'm a new member to this forum, so please forgive me if I'm not putting my query in the right place....I'm 58 and was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 10 years ago, and still learning about it to be honest..after being on Pentasa for a long time, countless flare ups and then being on steroids I am now on biologics, remicade infusion and imuran tablets for over 3 years, while this is working quiet well as in me avoiding the dreaded flare ups, I still have about 3 bowel motions daily, with urgency, as in if I have to go I have to go, no waiting around, I was just wondering is this usual for other Crohn's patients as in being on biologics and still having urgency, I have said it to my doctor but they really didn't make much of it and gave me a card to use if i need to avail of a toilet in a shop etc and they do not have a public one, sorry for the long post.😊


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In my experience the urgency is linked to the inflammation. When the inflammation goes down the urgency goes down with it. My episodes of urgency went away when I went on a biologic (Stelara) that got the inflammation under control.

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Same for my kiddo
The rectum can can inflamed and cause urgency
It’s the last the heal or difficult to heal
Sometimes Uceris foam was used for my kiddo and helped
Other times just time with the biologic to work more

good luck