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New old guy

hello, please bear with me, as i am new with computers. i was diagnosed with crohns about a month ago. i think that i have had it for several years,but was to stubbern to go to the dr. i have had back problems for years,so between the two it realy sucks.i dont know how you can live with pain, it makes a guy think wierd thoughts,when every day you get you feel worse.i am so depressed
Hi arrowhead, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly right now. What medications do they have you on for the Crohn's? Are you following any type of diet to see if that helps? I am on the low residue/ low fiber diet and helps some.

Also I was wondering if you have had your vitamins or electrolytes tested recently? When certain nutrients like potassium or magnesium is low. Which is the case with most people with IBD, it can cause all sorts of depression type symptoms and pain and muscle cramps especially in your legs.

What type of back problems do you have? I have a couple of bad disc and they are nor fun at all. Dont worry about being new to computers just do the best you can. Hey you got one good point since you were able to post here. :) My mom is still trying to figure out how to cut her's on. haha

I hope that you find some relief soon and again welcome.


Hello and welcome to the forum.

I was also wondering what meds you are on at the moment if any? I definetly agree that if you haven't so far then do get your vitamin levels checked as low levels in this area could contribute to how you are feeling at the moment.