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New old guys short story

hello every one. You will have to parden my inexperiance with computers and talking on this forum. I was diagnosed with crohns about 2 months ago.I also have barretts. I first had to quit working about 5 years ago with a bad back.I worked in quarrys for 35 years, the heavy equipment and heavy lifting destroyed my back.With my crohns the Dr.started me on budesonide, it made me feel like I was going crazy on it so now I am on apriso and so far with my diet of eating almost nothing, for the last 2months,still trying to figure out what is not going to make me sick.I want to thank David for his help with logging on.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

I'm sure you'll get the hang of computers and the forum soon! ;)

How are you feeling? Have the medications made any difference?

I hope you can get to feeling better soon! :hug:
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Hello and welcome to the forum :)

With regards to finding problem foods did your doc go through any type of diets with you? It is sometimes worth having a referral to a dietician so you can then plan out a way to pinpoint problem areas. From the sounds of things the tum is still unsettled a fair bit for you with what you are currently eating?

Good morning AngryBird, my Dr does not say much about my diet.when I asked him a question he gave me a small booklet and said all my questions will be answered in it.This is why I came here looking for some kind of answers.I live in the middle of knowhere so I am traveling a ways know.Feel like crap this morn.
I have not heard of the lofflex diet.I am thinking about trying juicing to suppliment my diet.I have been checking out the posts here very interesting.