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New PICC Line

Hi All

I've just had a PICC Line placed for Infliximab infusions.

Does anyone have any tips for living with one?

Many thanks
Hi tommy21bn,
Just had mine removed best tips I can give you are
1). Do not get it wet, when getting into the bath
use some plastic wrap and wrap it up well or you can buy spcial picc clear wraps cost a lot.
2). Always look for bleeding around the area it has to be clean and blood can harbor germs.
But other then that just buy you a cheap black picc line jacket it hides the two ports.
Mine was about a decade ago. Best tip from me was to avoid strenuous arm exercise like golfing! It can irritate the blood vessel, leading to pain. It can also cause the line to move a bit.

Keeping it clean as crohns mentioned is very important. How often are you getting your meds? Mine are every 6 weeks. Your veins must be tough to get at to go to PICC. Hope you get well quickly.
How often do you get your infusions? Mine is every 8 weeks, but we are thinking of moving it up to 7 as I have an increase in pain that week before.
I have a PICC line in my left arm(for transfusions/infusions) and a Hickman in my r chest(for TPN).

The most important thing is make sure ANYONE accesses them follows the correct aseptic technique. If they don't, be brave and speak up. I didn't for my last PICC line, I felt too awkward and I ended up with a line infection.

I have an elasticated bandage to keep it in place and a waterproof cover (originally designed for people with plaster casts/broken arms) for washing.

It makes my life much easier, but does cause me some anxiety with the infection risk....but I am very prone to sepsis. Happy to answer any queries.
Many thanks for everyone's help and suggestions. I'm gradually getting used to it and the soreness has subsided. We had some nice weather recently and out came the short sleeved shirts. The number of people staring was incredible. I think that's been the toughest part so far.

Thanks again everyone.