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New product - Hollister FormaFlex

Hollister has a new wafer in the "New Image" product line. It is called "FormaFlex", and the big thing is that it's a "Shape to fit" wafer. No cutting required, similar to the Convatec moldable wafers.

I ordered samples and I tried one this morning during my usual change day.
It was convenient not to cut the hole (I have kinda an oval stoma). Plus, I did not use my Hollister Adapt barrier ring. This wafer snugs right up to the stoma so it should make that unnecessary.

If I can get at least my usual 4 day wear time (or more), I'll be a happy camper. Other than the shape to fit feature, it is the typical Hollister wafer with the snap to attach floating ring, and fabric material.


I'll report back how it works out...
Thanks for the info. I, too, have a kinda oval-shaped stoma and I can never seem to cut my wafer just right whenever I change it. I went ahead and requested some samples too so hopefully I can start getting it to fit more comfortably.


Thanks for the info!

I need to start searching around for what is going to work for me - I am pretty happy so far with the samples I got from the hospital.

- Amy
Last night before bed I changed my pouch and examined the wafer. The moldable part was not looking so good. In the morning, it had looked tight, like the skin of a 20 year old. But last night, it looked like the skin of an 80 year old. The material was saggy and pulling away from the stoma. And it looked like some output was packed in around there.

I should also mention that I was slightly feeling that tell tale itch that I have not felt for months. Did not need an advanced degree in stomaology to know something was not quite right.

This morning, I removed the wafer and there was some output on my skin. Would not have been good to leave that another 3 days.
Ok, so onto experiment 2, now I put on my Adapt ring as usual, and then put on my 2nd and final sample. It is nice not to have to cut the wafer, but using the Adapt ring means one advantage of this new wafer is gone.
Quick update - the Adapt ring does not seem to be compatable with this wafer. I took a peek after my run today and the Adapt ring had bulged up and is pushing up the soft moldable materal of the wafer. Now the wafer looks a bit like a mini volcano with my stoma in the middle.

With the regular wafer, the Adapt ring would protrude through a little if I cut the wafer too big in one area. But the wafer is too stiff overall to let the Adapt ring bulge up like it is doing now with this new wafer.

I'll let this pan out and see what happens. I have a feeling a blowout is in my future tonight.
Alas, my experiment is over. If you've been following my testing, you know the Adapt ring was going crazy in my 2nd sample test. Well, before bed that night, I inspected the situation and the Adapt ring had literally pushed itself half way out of the wafer and was hanging into my pouch. Weird - so of course I did a wafer change back to my trusty "regular" wafer.

I was still in a testing mood, and tried my regular wafer without an Adapt ring. I did apply some Cavalon no sting barrier film because my skin was looking a bit sore from the new wafer testing. Well the next day, after my long run, I noticed the wafer was ready to fall off.

So enough testing - I'm back to a nice Adapt ring and regular wafer. The Adapt ring gives me 4 days even with all the running.
Hey Joe - Thanks for sharing. I was grtting excited that we have something new to try.... I am using Convatec Convex Moldable and every time I try something new I have a blow up.
I was traveling internationally and had a blow up for the first time at night on white sheets... gave a nice tip to the house keeper....


Hey Joe,

I got 2 samples of the moldable, pre-cut wafers from Hollister the other day. After reading your experience I wonder if they will work as well as the ConvaTec moldable ones.

I have good luck with the ConvaTec so far and now I am really curious about the Hollister wafers.

I report back on my experience.

Oh, and did you see that vonfunk is trying to compile a thread with all the appliances that work for us and why? It is called Ostomy Supply Review (I think) and you should probably share your experience there too, especially since you also tried the Cymed brand. :)


"Quick update - the Adapt ring does not seem to be compatable with this wafer. I took a peek after my run today and the Adapt ring had bulged up and is pushing up the soft moldable materal of the wafer. Now the wafer looks a bit like a mini volcano with my stoma in the middle."

Ooops. This is happening all the time to me! However, I wonder if my holes are too big that are precut at 35mm? I will say, I've not had any leaks on the skin though, its almost as if the barrier ring is making a turtleneck for me on the stoma, and it's helping to keep me from leaking. My skin is a mess with the parastomal hernia ripping my skin open! Leaks make me scream like a girl! (wait a minute...I AM a girl!) :p
Hi Misty - On my regular Hollister wafer, if I cut the hole a bit too large, the Adapt ring will come through a bit. I usually wipe the excess away when I notice it later on. When it does that, it really seals up the hole, so I think it's a good thing.

With that new Formaflex wafer, the wafer material was not stiff enough to hold back the Adapt ring so it buldged up under the wafer, pushing up the moldable wafer material.

Hi Heike,
I'm curious to hear how you do with the Formaflex wafer too. Now that you mention it, I will post under that thread...


Interesting on the Hollister moldable and the Adapt ring. I will look out for that. Seems weird that the products of one manufacturer don't work better together and still can cause problems.