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New public gut bacteria study expected to reach around world

From colorado.edu

Ever wondered who is living in your gut, and what they’re doing? The trillions of microbial partners in and on our bodies outnumber our own cells by as many as 10 to 1 and do all sorts of important jobs, from helping digest the food we eat this Thanksgiving to building up our immune systems.

In association with the Human Food Project, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder along with researchers at other institutions around the world are launching a new open-access project known as “American Gut” in which participants can get involved in finding out what microbes are in their own guts and what they are doing in there.

The project builds on previous efforts, including the five-year, $173-million NIH-funded Human Microbiome Project, to characterize the microbes living in and on our bodies, said Associate Professor Rob Knight of CU-Boulder’s BioFrontiers Institute. But unlike other projects that have focused on carefully chosen test subjects with a few hundred people, this project allows the public to get involved and is encouraging tens of thousands of people to do so, Knight said.
I'd really love to be a part of this. It is not free to participate though. $99 gets you one stool analysis kit. More information is in the link above.


Naples, Florida
I was emailed about this. A little more info:

Hello -

Yesterday we launched our American Gut Project - in short, crowd sourcing 10,000 gut microbiomes across the U.S. Thought this might be something your community may be interested in - as we are also looking for gut microbiomes from folks with various conditions.

The project: http://www.indiegogo.com/americangut
Press Release from Univ of CO: http://www.colorado.edu/news/releas...ut-bacteria-study-expected-reach-around-world

List of 20+ scientists on the project: http://humanfoodproject.com/the-people/collaborators/

Thank you -
Jeff Leach
Human Food Project
I asked for (and got this) for one of my xmas presents :biggrin:

I know I'm a giant nerd for wanting a stool analysis kit but it's interesting to me and it's for a neat project.

It hasn't come in the mail yet. I'll update when it does to share what kind of stuff they are sending.