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New specialist

Well I'm super nervous. 3:30 pm today I see a brand new specialist! Not that there is anything wrong with my usual one, but I have been waiting to see this guy for over 2 years now.
I've read mixed opinions about him...some say he's been amazing, some say he's been a jerk. I hope I get the first choice.


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Good luck! I hope it's worth the wait and the new doctor is able to give you some answers. I hope he's not a jerk, and that he takes you and your symptoms seriously. Let us know how it goes!
I had thought of an idea...but sadly an unsuccessful one. I called my doctor's office at home saying I'd like them to fax over the list of symptoms I had given to my family doctor, but it wasn't in my chart. They said she probably has it in her basket of letters and such, but the receptionist doesn't have the basket there :(.

And I was wrong, the appointment is 3:15. More nervous...

So um, I wrote down a big long list of symptoms that I had during my last flare. In case some of you forgot, they were:
  • fever, twice
  • vomitting, twice
  • severe nausea
  • achiness
  • "burning" in lower right side
  • at least 5x day diarrhea
  • bloody diarrhea 4x
  • rectal bleeding, once
  • false urges (just mucous)
  • extreme urgency, almost 5 "accidents"
  • lots of mucous-filled diarrhea
  • days of even fluids causing diarrhea
  • overall weakness
  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhea during night

I will also remember to say what I can and can't tolerate for food, and say I have relief of the flares on either Cipro/Flagyl for minor flares and Prednisone for major flares like the one listed above.

EEK I have not been this nervous in years!
So turns out I did get the nice side. He asked about symptoms and that kind of thing, he asked if he could keep my list.
He'll get a copy of things from my other specialist to get a better idea of what's been going on.
He actually understood that because of waiting lists, the last time I had a colonoscopy done I was not in a flareup. And i told him right now I'm okay because I just finished prednisone. So get this: He says next time my flare returns to call his office, tell his receptionist, and he was get me in for emergency testing. Never had a doc offer that before, especially not a specialist! :D

Oh and more good news: found out my CT Eneterography is May 31st! :)
that is great news. I am happy for you! I like to make sure that I have a chance to make my own conclusions about a doctor and usually dont listen to what others have said. I mean I do but I dont solely base my opinion on other peoples opinions. I am really glad it worked out for you. I hope you keep us posted!


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Habs, that's great news! So glad to hear you got a good doc and you finally get to have the CT Enterography - you've been waiting for that one for, if I'm remembering right, a year or two? So good to hear it's finally going to happen, and I hope you get some answers from it!
Cat, you remembered right. Been waiting since Feb. 2010 for that CT Enterography! I'm so excited. Most people would think I'm nuts for being excited to get a radioactive test done :p.
Now all I need is the back to get treated and I'll really be looking up to things!


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I would be excited too, that's way too long to wait for a test! Glad you finally are getting somewhere, and I hope it leads to a diagnosis for you. Wishing you lots of luck!
So i can't find the threat I thought I posted about the CT Enterography so I'll just add it to here.
I've been dealing with a lot of drama...found out in the beginning of June that my regular specialist, who I have been seeing for over 4 years, decided he wants to stop seeing me! :(.
So I went to get the results of the CTE from the new specialist and sadly, but not surprisingly, perfectly clear :(.
The specialist said the lack of positive test results points to IBS, but IBS does not cause the symptoms I get. And i reminded him that I do not just find a list online and say it's what I have - i do experience each and every one of these things (what I listed above).
He said the same thing he did the first time I saw him: next time I am flaring, call his office, and he wants to get a look at my intestines while they are acting up (especially because of the bleeding)...

So frustrating... 5 1/2 years, 7 tests, no answers.... :'(