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New study links air pollution to cases of inflammatory bowel disease in B.C. children

I came across this article recently:

I have long suspected that use of pesticides in our food chain is something which was never explored. This study goes further and links air pollution too.

Below are some stats on the usage of pesticides in tonnes for 3 countries - Australia, Canada, NZ from a website.

Country or regionPesticide use
19902020Absolute ChangeRelative Change

Australia17,866 t63,416 t+45,550 t+255%

Canada29,568 t78,893 t+49,325 t+167%

New Zealand3,740 t5,285 t+1,545 t+41%

If someone has done a study which correlates the increase in IBD from 1990 to 2020 with the increase in the use of pesticides, it will be very useful.
The chart showed there was greater then a 50% increase in IBD in children since 2018, that's actually very alarming. And that rate in 4-5 years outpaces the increases during 2000-2016! its a faster increase then the last 16 year period. just one guess as to why, perhaps covid restrictions and people staying indoors created worsening vitamin d status, and treating covid with antibiotics exposed more people to antibiotics, all of which could disturb the microbiome.

ibd rates canada rapid increase 2018.jpg
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