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New study vaccine and immunosuppressants

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So some response just 1/3 of a nonsuppressed person

Lynda Lynda

So should I get a third dose or the "booster?"

My first jab was in April 2021 and second jab was May 2021. Moderna.

I made an appt for a third dose this Saturday.
San Diego
The "booster" and the "3rd dose" are exactly the same in terms of what is being injected. Where they differ is in who is receiving the injection.

"Boosters" are for healthy people in order to boost up their immune response and thus increase the concentration of anti-COVID antibodies in the blood that may have slowly waned over time. "Third doses" are for patients suffering from some medical condition or receiving some drug(s) that have the effect of weakening the immune response, and thus they may have mounted a poor response in the first place to the first two injections.

I'm getting my 3rd dose this afternoon after work.