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New Surgery option for Crohn's Disease that does not remove intestines?



wow thats amazing Mike here is how it works what they do is essentially get your intestine where its bad and fold it in half, they then cut along the inside on the intestine on the inside on the "u". They then sew the edges on the intestine together making like a "sassage" out the side of the intestine therefor making it wider.

Does that make sence?

Tami Lynn

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That's kinda neat!

I wonder if they can do it on someone with a lot of adhesions from previous abdominal surgeries? I also wonder if it can create more scar tissue? But...it does sound much better than full-blown surgery, especially for helping to prevent malnutrition!

I'm glad they are always trying to improve things... gives me more hope for my daughter. I always hope she will be spared many of the things I had to endure.
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