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New symptoms after surgery?

Does anyone have any advice to offer concerning new symptoms after surgery. Or even just new symptoms, period!
I'm three mts post op, never had a problem with D before, but now I am going 6-10 times a days. I thought it may have been a flu bug, but it's been 9 days now so I am pretty sure it is not a bug. I am not on maintenance drugs (though I will be) Do new symptoms creep up on us? Out of nowhere?
I am very depressed about this. I just can't wrap my head around it, feeling very sorry for myself. GI had me do some stool sample collecting, should hear back in a few days. Not sure what he's checking for, but I had to do three of them. Any advice/stories/support is appreciated.
what kind of surgery did you have? I went through the same thing after my bowel resection surgery. It's most likely just your guts trying to find a new rhythm(for lack of a better word) after the trauma it's been through.
i just went through a course with what to expect after surgery and and after recovery and they informed me after having a reversable stoma that for awhile (months) ur bowels will be loose as it needs to build up the bowel muscles again


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If you had a small bowel resection of sufficient amount then post op diarrhoea is common due to the inability to reabsorb bile salts. For some people this can be quiet chronic and for others it will take up over time. There is prescribed medication you can take to alleviate the problem, Questran, or there is a natural product called psyllium husks. They both do the same thing, absorb the excess bile salts and so bulk up the stool. If you do pursue either of these products you must not take your other medications or supplements with them as they can affect their absorption. For psyllium there is an exclusion period of 1 hour before and 2 hours after taking it, Questran's exclusion time is longer.

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Thank you all for your responses.
I had a bowel resection, some of the small and some of the large (I think) lol
It was three months ago. My bowels were completely normal after surgery, and have JUST now been acting up with watery D. Which is puzzling to me seeing as I was doing well for the last three mts.


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Oh okay, I wondered if you mean't it was acute onset.

I would well imagine that they would look to a bug as being the cause as the first step, You may also bacterial overload in the small bowel due the ileocaecal valve being removed.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Dusty. xxx