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New symptoms

Last night I had new symptoms. I had eaten
Dinner at least 4 hrs earlier. All the sudden I got

Very hot started feeling like I was gonna be sick.

I was in the bathroom with the trash can in my lap.

But nothing was coming out either end. Just horrible

Stomach pain and a little gas. I finally did throw

Up it burnt like fire just a little came up.

The hole thing lasted 2 hrs

Then I'm pretty sure I just passed out.

I don't normally have pain anywhere else in my

Stomach but lower right. But this way way different

And felt like a tun of pressure as well.

Any clue on what that could have been?


Staff member
Sounds like a possible obstruction or at least partial. Did you contact your doctor's emergency line right away or go to the hospital after you came to from passing out? You should contact your doctor right away even if you're feeling better today as this could happen again.
From the details you give, I think it's really impossible for anyone to tell you, especially online. There are just too many possibilities. I think the important thing is to ensure that if it happens again and worries you, seeking medical attention whilst the symptoms are occurring will mean you stand the best chance of discovering the reason. Even if you report these symptoms to a doctor, I think it's unlikely they'll be able to diagnose you with confidence, though they'll stand a better chance than anyone online if they have access to your medical records and any recent test results showing the current status of your disease. Assessing you as the symptoms are occurring will provide doctors with a lot more information.

It may never happen again. I think with chronic illness you often get used to weird things going wrong with your body, and I know that seeking medical help each time is often not something to feel enthusiastic about. But passing out could be a symptom of something serious, so it may be a good idea to call a doctor if you get any recurrence of the symptoms.
Btw - what actually occurred to make you suspect you passed out but not be certain of it? Have you ever passed out before? It's very different to just falling asleep. Did you suffer a period of memory loss or come round in a different place than where you last remember being?
Yes I'm pretty sure I've passed out. I've passed
Out before it was very similar feeling.
I guess I'm trying to gage serious of it
Because we don't have insurance right now.
I'm feeling better just really tired. My blood sugar runs
Low. That's how I've passed out before.
Yeah we don't qualify for medcaid. I
Just got our kids covered. We had cobra till
December. I was hoping my husband would
Have found something. But he still hasn't..
So right now were trying to keep the kids