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New to all the information. Just trying to find a place I feel I belong.

I was. Diagnosed with microscopic colitis last Wednesday after my colonoscopy. I have been sick for three months straight and the doctors just kept telling me that everything was OK. They did the colonoscopy to rule out MC (i read that in the report) So I guess I'm just trying to find support through people who suffer with similar issues. I am tired of it already but I was told I have the chronic form. Ugh. I would love to hear anything anyone has on this.
Thank you
Hi Livtru, I think everyone here has at one time or another felt overwhelmed with their diagnosis. When I was first diagnosed I found the most help from the people on this forum. They didn't judge me, even when I thought my questions/symptoms were so minor compared to other peoples problems.
What ever feelings you have (sadness, frustration, anger) you can be sure we have all had them before too.
The old saying "knowledge is power" has also helped. Learn as much as you can, because in the end your the best judge of your own body. Keep a food and symptom diary, it actually does help.
Welcome to the forum.
Hi Liv, I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you're going through. There are a lot of friendly and helpful people here so you've come to the right place. UC and Crohn's are diseases that can make you feel like you're losing control so if it turns out you get diagnosed with one of those try your best to take a deep breath and roll with it. From personal experience I can tell you remission is most definitely possible. I've been symptom free for a few years now, if you check out my signature you'll get an idea of what I've been through. I don't know if it represents the average Crohn's person but it should at least give you an idea.

Good luck to you on whatever the docs find and know that there are a lot of good meds out there that can help, it's just a little bit of a process to work through them and find what works for you.
You came to the right place. You will find it here. I have Crohn's Disease and IBD can be overwhelming. Anytime you need to vent there are people here who understand.

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Welcome Livtru. Sorry your here of course but its the best place to be. Lots of lovely helpful caring people who really know just how it is. Any question big or small will usualy get an answer. Any moan supported any happy news gladly celebrated.
It can be a tough road or an easy road for some, trial n error is the by law with this disease. So patience is required im afraid. Wishing u the very best of luck n hope you get the right meds asap 💕
Hi, Livrtru, Hang on in there, things can improve. I was diagnosed with Lymphocytic colitis in January 2014. I've got my life back to near normal but it took a while to find what worked for me- Budesonide was the only thing that helped me. After I finished my first 9 week course it did return with a vengeance - followed with second 9 week course then one tab per day as maintenance. I'm slowly reducing the steroids, to date I only need one tab every third day. Stay strong and keep faith, things can get better.