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New to Crohn’s

Hi .. Yep I’m new to this just in last few weeks I was let’s say diagnosed with Crohn’s but my doctor is still unsure 😐 if it’s this or UC .. The signs are clear blood 🩸 in stool with cramps in gut and diarrhea etc etc .. but he’s still unsure till more test are done ✅ and I keep hanging in here with flare ups taking predasone and what I refer to as the silver bullet ..


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New York, USA
Welcome to the forum. As far as a definitive diagnosis, UC affects the large intestine, while Crohn's can affect any/everything - so it is sometimes hard to differentiate between the two at first. Hopefully you will get on a medication regimen soon that helps - prednisone is good for the short term for most but should not be taken long term.

There are tons of people around who have been through just about everything, please take a while to browse and if you have questions, ask away!


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Hi there, and welcome.
I was on Predisolene for sometime, then Remicade infusions. Treatment kept changing , as we are very individual in our response to meds, and symptoms too when Crohns is diagnosed. It was seen as Diverticulitis for many years before, until I experienced severe abdominal pain.
So you can see it takes sometime before a definitive diagnosis is made. I am currently doing well.
I hope you get some answers soon and feel a lot better too.